Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ode to Rick's

This past weekend I went to the Giant's game with a few friends and then proceeded to go to a bar in downtown San Francisco called Bar None. The second I walked in, it instantly came rushing back. This bar reminded me of a better place....Rick's American Cafe.

Bon Jovi was blasting, the floor was sticky, beer pong tournaments were taking place in the back, and the place smelled of age old beer...Rick's

There I was, at a bar that smelled and felt like our favorite hang out in Ann Arbor, but it wasn't. I realized this when I got a phone call at 11:02pm my time (2:02am ET) from friends that had just walked out of Rick's -- they said that it wasn't the same without me, that they were planning on going back to my apartment at UT to smoke 'hookah', and that I better have it ready.

I never liked Rick's. It was never about Rick's. The ceiling looks like it fucking drips, the people piss me off, and it smells like ass. I went to Rick's because my friends went to Rick's. I grew to like the music because it made me think of the last time it played and the memories that were made. It was a place for post-meetings and post-games, and was often followed by late nights at my apartment where we discussed everything from Hezbollah to the MCRI to how Jake could finish a case of beers in one sitting.

These pictures are just a few of the hundreds taken at the place that became our second home when graduation was approaching (apologies to those not pictured -- so many to choose from). While facebook may house hundreds of more pictures, the memories are endless and the friendships priceless. Although my time was short with my friends in 08, they definitely played a large role in the memories as well. After all, this is the place where they pointed out "this is why I'm hot", this is where I learned that white girls can indeed dance (well, some of them), and where we said our final goodbye on graduation night.

Bottles were spun, sins were committed, and fun was had.

I'll see you at Rick's soon enough. Same time, same place.


Cook said...

To Do List
(1) The bad ass way to leave U of M your senior year is to recieve a semi-ban for your friends fighting the dj.......check_/.

throughlightedwindows said...


Sirene said...


I said, SOME white girls can dance, Macholan. The rest have dry sex on the dance floor.

throughlightedwindows said...

is that a challenge?

Sirene said...

Not at all. I've already seen you have dry sex on the dance floor.



throughlightedwindows said...

i thought that we were supposed to be on the same know...007 dominates 08, right? how quickly you turn against me. rick's dance floor won't be the same without us.

Sirene said...

Ohhh Mac,

You are the best partner I have ever had. We will spare the ladies of 08 the embarrassment...until a later time. Maybe we can take them and 09 down at the same time? Til then, I will make you proud that weekend, as I am sure you will do the same in the Czech.