Monday, September 3, 2007

Freedom and Purpose

In middle school you are anxiously awaiting the excitement and independence of high school. Your goal eventually becomes getting into a good college. Once you arrive, you understand the importance of doing well in the classroom, and more importantly, finding your niche outside the classroom. These experiences provide insight on the future -- what do I want to do? Where should I work or attend grad school?

Graduation nears and you find yourself embarking on your new journey. If your new journey is a full-time job, then welcome to adulthood. For once, there is no logical next step. My friend (who pops his collar with Pride) put it well when he said that prior to graduation we are always anticipating what is next. After graduation anticipation is replaced with uncertainty. For this reason, it is essential that we find purpose and set goals. Without goals we start focusing on the things that don't matter; our minds are congested with minuscule paranoias and a consistent feeling of restlessness.

This is partly amusing, and I find that this uncertainty allows me to learn a lot about myself. Having moved this far away, I realize that every option is possible and that every challenge is ready to be conquered. It's just a matter of prioritizing, planning, and kicking ass. It's about finding purpose.

But is every option possible? How much are you willing to compromise? It's interesting that my location within the United States has little to do with freedom. Freedom is an inner ease that allows a person to be confident to explore any and every option. One can feel suffocated in any state or city. With the right frame of mind, one can be as free in Dearborn that they can be in Mountain View, California. The consequences may be different, but the freedom is there -- awaiting for the right amount of confidence to make use of it.

As you can tell, there is a lot behind these statements, but for once, I am not driven to explain. I think it's because I have a lot of figuring out to do myself...


Shaza said...

I like it. Very true.
How are you doing in Cali? It's been a month since you've written in here. :(

AMB said...

:-)... i'm really feeling this post... i've definetly been going through these (and who knows how many more) emotions as i attempt to transition... yay! i look forward to reading what else you have to write...