Wednesday, August 8, 2007

'The Michigan Difference'

Last week, someone at work asked me what I did at the University of Michigan. She wanted to know if I joined any 'clubs.'


Where to begin...? In the instant she asked me, I had flashbacks of meetings at the Union, in MSA Chambers, and every square inch of campus. I thought of the Diag, the protests, the campus politics, the Daily (ohhhh, the Daily :), the friction, the experiences, the friendships, the elections, the administration, those that thought they were much more important than they were, those that thought I was much more important than I was, Rick's!, the Bell Tower, the Big House, the ASA office, the Dopp 'Campus Day' -- the memories are endless.

Summarizing my Michigan experience is close to impossible. I have no idea how I will ever explain to anyone the experiences I had, the people I met, the memories I made, the lessons I learned, and most of all, the friendships I made.

At Michigan, you will indeed find 'the leaders and best'. Some find that to be an elitist statement. Eh, tough shit. Michigan is a breeding ground for leadership, excellence, and philanthropy. It provides its' students with the top programs in every facet of college life -- whether it is within the realms of academia or athletics. I know this is a rather bold statement, but I truly believe that Michigan offers the best undergraduate college experience in the country. I know I haven't been to every other college, I know the weather isn't as beautiful as that of UCLA, and I know that some programs may be ranked higher than Michigan's, but the sum of all of Michigan's parts is greater than any one institution. No where in the country will you find an athletic program as thriving as Michigan's, yet still find that every department and college ranks within the top 10. Not to mention, the activism on campus is intriguing. Not always logical, but intriguing.

I stopped daydreaming and realized that she was awkwardly staring at me waiting for me to answer her question. I smiled and said, "I was lucky enough to experience a little bit of everything."


Jonathan said...

You forgot the only two words that truly matter...


Justin said...

well said, Sirene.

Emeka said...

Leader and the Best. I second Justin.

throughlightedwindows said...

my favorite michigan song (translated from latin):

May praises and songs,
Neither today nor tomorrow,
But for all time,
So long as you have the place,
Be sweetest to you, O University,
But may our foes, indeed, swiftly,
Go to the crows,
O Glory, Victory, and Virtue of everything,
Prosper, O University of Michigan, of Michigan.

and my second favorite:

I'll ne'er forget my college days,
Those dear sincere old college days.
I'll ne'er forget my Michigan,
T'was there long friendships first began.
At Michigan all hearts are true,
All loyal to the Maize and Blue;
There e'er will be a golden haze,
Around those dear old college days.

Donn said...

hah, you know you loved visiting the daily.

Kamelya GO BLUE said...

Michigan pride at it's best...
Ah, Michigan students have a such a strong grasp of everything - if only they could add humility to that list.